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WIP-tastic Wednesday

Posted by potatoesnpeaches on April 15, 2009

I’m working on this lace Upstairs shawl for my mom, because I either love her a lot and want to be her favorite child (I’m the youngest of 4), or I am crazy. The English version of the pattern is only available in Free Ravelry Download form, so I am unable to link it, but here’s the German version just for funsies.

This is my second lace project, my first was the Lace Ribbons pattern from spring ’08 Knitty. Even an “easy” lace pattern is difficult as it takes so much concentration, but it’s also a lot more rewarding than your basic hat or scarf, so it’s totally worth it, as long as you like the person you’re knitting for. I only knit a few rows per day, because I learned during my first project that it doesn’t take long to tire out and start making mistakes. I also don’t knit when I’m hungry, for the same reason.

So even though I started on Saturday, I only have this little bit done so far:

A little bit of detail is starting to emerge.

A little bit of detail is starting to emerge.


And the most, most, most important thing when you’re knitting lace from a chart is to have some method of keeping track of where you are. A friend of mine uses a cribbage board, another has a piece of metal and two long magnets to put above and below the line she’s working. I have started using Pattern Tamers, and they have changed my life! They’re basically two long magnets attached to a long ribbon that folds around your pattern. They make things portable and space-efficient. They hold on tight until you’re ready to move them and they come in such cute patterns! I have the pink paisley. They’re meant for knitting charts, but I can see myself using them on cross-stitch patterns too.

Here’s an action shot of the Pattern Tamer:

Yeah, I know its not actually on the chart yet.

Yeah, I know it's not actually on the chart.


Ah, Pattern Tamers, how I love thee.


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